Who are we?

ScienceSLAM is an independently organized event by a team of young researchers from Helsinki. For everything they cannot do themselves they a supported by a bunch of great volunteers. If you would like to join us and/or support ScienceSLAM, get in touch!

ScienceSLAM Helsinki team: Mervi Aavikko, Tatiana Cajuso, Julia Casado, Erkka Valo and Linda van den Berg

Former ScienceSLAM Helsinki team members: Alexandra Gylfe, Christian Rauch

For their help and support with various things big and small, big thanks (amongst others) to…

Esa Pitkänen (photos), Katherine Icay (Graphical design), Miguel Fonseca (Filming), Anssi Uusitalo (Filming and editing), Johanna Siik (DJing), Johanna MacDonald (coaching), Hannu Aarniala (DJing), Elisa Lautala (filming), the MyScience-team, Florian Reichenberger, Can Hekim (DJing), Christopher Langenskiöld, Mike Bradshaw, and many more.