MoA Slam 2012

MoA’12 Slam is going to be happening on 16.5.2012, 19:00, at Jätkäsaari, Helsinki.


MoA Slam 2012 is a collaboration between ScienceSLAM and Aalto University to promote fun and creativity in science. The event is organized as a playful open-stage competition where recent graduates, students and researchers from Aalto University get the chance to present their work to the audience. The length of each contribution is maximum 10 minutes. Performers can come from all areas of science and research – from art history to particle physics, from microeconomics to sustainable design. The medium of presentation is free and can range from a more traditional talk, to a dance choreography or a self- composed song. Creativity is strongly encouraged—everything is allowed to win the votes of the audience, in whose hands it is to decide who leaves the stage as the hero the night. The winning contribution will be rewarded with the “MoA Slam 2012” award, which consists of a trophy and 500€ prize money!

The application time for MoA’12 Slam is now over, and the 5 competitors have been selected.

If you would like to get more information, just drop us a line! You can use below contact sheet or write us an email at We’d be happy to answer your questions and tell you more about the event, or how to apply.


For any information on MoA Slam 2012, please contact: