8th ScienceSLAM Helsinki

The 8th ScienceSLAM Helsinki took place on the Friday the 6th of November 2015 in Elmun baari. The winner of the 8th ScienceSLAM Helsinki was mathematician Samuli Siltanen – ”How to defuse a photobomb” .

The fellow contestants were:

Lea Urpa (Neurogenomics of psychiatric disorders) – ”How do you ask a mouse how it’s feeling?”

Milla-Mari Vastavuo & Petra Tuomiranta (Synthetic biology) – ”How to conquer the world with the power of propane?”

Sergio Castrillón (Musicology) – ”New directions in the cello timbre: Referential works for solo cello and cello with electronic media during the 20th and 21th century”

Rainer Lehtonen (Cancer Bioinformatics) – ”Cancerous world with zeros and ones”