5th ScienceSLAM Helsinki

The 5th ScienceSLAM Helsinki was held on June 13th, in Helsinki’s brand new Pavilion (Ullanlinnankatu 2-4) for this summer’s World Design Capital festivities. The event was organized in collaboration with the Technology Academy Finland and is part of the “Science and Technology Hit The Town” programme along with the Millennium Technology Prize Award Ceremony.

ScienceSLAM Helsinki is a popular science event series, aimed at the general public to promote science and research in a creative and entertaining way. Participants can come from all areas and stages of science, and are free to present a topic related to their own research expertise. Presenters have ten minutes each to win the votes of the audience. The medium of presentation is free and can range from a more traditional talk, to a dance choreography or self-made video clip. A stimulating, entertaining performance is at least as important as pure scientific value. Creativity and fun is strongly encouraged! The language of the event and presentations is English.

The confirmed presentations for the 5th ScienceSLAM Helsinki were:

– Alessandro Valitutti, “Computational Humor”

– Anmol Kumar, “Dancing of brain through body”

– Toma Susi, “The story of an article”

– Anna-Maria Lahesmaa-Korpinen, “The choreography of the cancer proteome”

– Chiara Gasparetti, “Music notes of enzymology”

The winner of the 5th ScienceSLAM Helsinki was Anna-Maria Lahesmaa-Korpinen and her team of dancers with their performance “The choreography of the cancer proteome”.

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