1st ScienceSLAM Helsinki

When: Thursday, 31.3.2011, 20:00 – 22:00

Where: Nosturi Alakerta (Telakkakatu 8, 00150 Helsinki)

Tickets: 3+2e


The program for the first event took us on an exciting journey from the science of juggling over the linguistics of chat room conversations to the depths of biology and network science.

The presentations in detail:

– Harri Varpanen, ‘Juggling patterns – interacting particle systems and low-dimensional topology’

– Boris Vassilev, ‘M.L.N sixty-four – the exciting story of a protein’

– Jonna Ahti, ‘Emoticons as pragmatic markers in chat-room conflicts’

– Pekka Laitila, ‘A bayesian network experience’

– Rainer Lehtonen, ‘Restaurant genetics – social applications’

Winner of the 1st ScienceSLAM Helsinki was Boris Vassilev with his self-composed song about his love-hate relationship to the object of his research, a molecule called M.L.N 64. Watch Boris’ winning performance again here.