9th ScienceSLAM Helsinki coming up soon – Recruiting performers!!!


It’s here – the 9th ScienceSLAM Helsinki!

The 9th ScienceSLAM Helsinki will be held on Saturday 28th of May 2016 at Gloria (http://gloria.munstadi.fi/). Doors open at 7PM, the program starts at 8PM, and after the audience has chosen the winner the party will continue late into the night.

We are at this very moment looking for enthusiastic scientists to present their research at the next ScienceSLAM!

If you want to participate – either by yourself, or as a team – then send us a short description of your planned performance and enter the competition! The application form can be find here https://scienceslam.fi/application-form/. The application dead line is 26th of April. For more info send us an email to helsinki@scienceslam.fi

Looking forward to your applications!

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Flashbacks from the 8th ScienceSLAM Helsinki

Check out these entertaining and educating presentations from the last ScienceSLAM Helsinki!

Lea Urpa – How do you ask a mouse what it’s feeling?

Sergio Castrillón – New directions in the cello timbre: Referential works for solo cello and cello with electronic media during the 20 th and 21th century

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Samuli Siltanen – How to defuse a photobomb

Happy new year folks! We hope you are enjoying the winter ;). Some people have been asking for the video clip of the winner of the 8th ScienceSLAM Helsinki. Here it is: Samuli Siltanen – How to defuse a photobomb. Enjoy!

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And the winner of the 8th ScienceSLAM Helsinki is …

After recovering from the hangover of the 8th ScienceSLAM Helsinki we would sincerely like to thank all the performers and the amazing crowd. You made the event exceptional!!

We would also like once more to congratulate the winner of the night Samuli Siltanen with an excellent performance “How to defuse a photobomb”.

And last but not least the team of ScienceSLAM Helsinki wants to thank Tekniikan Akatemia, Elmun baar, Anssi Uusitalo, Miguel Fonseca, Esa Pitkänen, Katherine Icay and Johanna Siik for the valuable help.

Cheers to everyone, hope to see you in the next slam in spring 2016. Stay tuned for updates!

Go and check out the pics of the event at: https://flic.kr/s/aHskkQFeXZ

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Come and cheer your favorite performance to victory of the 8th ScienceSLAM Helsinki!

…And Ladies and Gentlemen the performers for the 8th ScienceSLAM Helsinki have been selected!!

If you are curious, for example, how is it possible to use algorithms and stand-up comedy to understand cancer, what is the similarity between microglial cells and cleaning ladies, or how photography has turned from chemistry into mathematics, come and join us on Friday the 6th of November, 19:00-> in Elmun baari (http://elmunbaari.fi/).

This time we’ll have seven courageous researchers hopping on the stage of the ScienceSLAM Helsinki:

Lea Urpa (Neurogenomics of psychiatric disorders) – How do you ask a mouse how it’s feeling?”

Milla-Mari Vastavuo & Petra Tuomiranta (Synthetic biology) – How to conquer the world with the power of propane?”

Samuli Siltanen (Mathematics) – How to defuse a photobomb”

Sergio Castrillón (Musicology) – New directions in the cello timbre: Referential works for solo cello and cello with electronic media during the 20th and 21th century”

Rainer Lehtonen (Cancer Bioinformatics) – Cancerous world with zeros and ones”

Sonja Paetau (Neuroscience) – Elsa the cleaning lady shows her true colours. The story of the brain cell you didn’t even know existed”


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Slammers wanted for the 8th ScienceSLAM Helsinki!

Are you enthusiastic about science and you want to share your excitement with the public? It doesn’t matter wether you are a bachelor student or a professor: take your research out of the dusty offices, study chambers, libraries and laboratories and bring it to life on the stage of science slam!

Battle head-to-head for the hearts of the audience by presenting any topic related to your own research. You have 10 minutes time to perform – sing it, dance it, sugar-coat it! The only limitation is your own imagination! Fill in the application form at our website (https://scienceslam.fi/application-form/). Application deadline: the 9th of October 2015.

The 8th ScienceSLAM Helsinki will be held in association with Technology Academy Finland (www.taf.fi) and Tekniikan päivät (http://tekniikanpaivat.fi/), on the 6th of November 2015 at Elmun baari (www.elmunbaari.fi).

For more information follow us on facebook (ScienceSLAM Helsinki) or email us helsinki@scienceslam.fi

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Join the ScienceSLAM team!

Science Slam team is looking for students with skills in graphical design and film making, or photography, people that like to organize events and take initiative. There is no upper limit for the number of people joining the organizing team, all participants are volunteers.

Why join ScienceSLAM Helsinki team? Because of the fun experience and active and merry team who has experience organizing this and other science related events, because you care about making science accessible, or simply because you want to join us for beers and brainstorm together. Science Slam is an alternative event making science open, fun and most of all, accessible. It is a world-wide event that’s already well-established and has its own reputation. We give researchers the opportunity to take science outside of the university, and everyone interested in science the chance to learn about the latest discoveries. Join our team for the experience of making ScienceSLAM Helsinki bigger and better, get your name out there and a fun experience organizing the event with us!

If you got interested, contact the team by September 4th by sending an email to helsinki@scienceslam.fi

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