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 Samuli Siltanen, “How to defuse a photobomb” (8th ScienceSLAM Helsinki, 06.11.2015)

Summary of 4th ScienceSLAM Helsinki (filmed and edited by

Lauri Järvilehto, “Mozart your intuition” (4th ScienceSLAM Helsinki, 31.3.2012)

Roxana Ola and Kilian Guse, “Desperate housewives – how viruses attack their cells” (4th ScienceSLAM Helsinki, 31.3.2012)

Jaan Praks, “Aalto 1 – How to design and build a satellite” (4th ScienceSLAM Helsinki, 31.3.2012)

Patrick Göttner, “Fine feathers make fine birds” (4th ScienceSLAM Helsinki, 31.3.2012)

Igor Radun, “Driver fatigue” (4th ScienceSLAM Helsinki, 31.3.2012)

Seungho Lee, “Beef Finland 2012” (MoA Slam, 16.5.2012)

Anna Cajanus, “Social enterprises and for-profit businesses working together in Finland: how and why?” (MoA Slam, 16.5.2012)

Siiri Viljanen, “Utilisation of spent sulphite liquor for chemical production” (MoA Slam, 16.5.2012)

Linda Söderholm, “Helsinki freezing — B-girls’ view” (MoA Slam, 16.5.2012)

Sofia Ahola-Erkkilä, “Mitochondrial DNA maintenance in hypoxic insults” (3rd ScienceSLAM Helsinki, 13.12.2011)

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