What is ScienceSLAM?

Hidden in the dark corners of their dusty study rooms and laboratories they are slogging away day and night to solve the mysteries of the world for us. Fearlessly facing the abyss of the unknown, exploring new exciting territories. Now the time has come, to reveal themselves and fight for your applause!

Scientists, the unknown species…

What happens if you throw a handful of enthusiastic young researchers in front of the audience of a local bar and let them compete for applause??

With ScienceSLAM we bring together passionate science and the curious public in an unconventional and entertaining atmosphere. At ScienceSLAM, scientists enter the stage to present their topic of research to the curious audience. Each researcher (or team) has maximum ten minutes time to win the hearts of the crowd. Participants can come from all areas of science, from particle physics to social sciences, from history to art theory. The medium of presentation is free and can range from a more traditional talk to a dance choreography, a stage play or a self- composed song. Everything is allowed to win the votes of the audience, in whose hands it is to decide who leaves the stage as the hero the night, the winner of ScienceSLAM.

The language of the event is English.

We would be happy seeing you at one of our next events – either in the audience or perhaps even as one of our bold performers! In the meanwhile, subscribe to our blog, connect with us on facebook, follow us on twitter or browse through some videos from our previous events.