ScienceSLAM 17.02.2018 at Gloria

The 10 minute science battle is here to warm you up during the long winter!

We proudly present our performers for the upcoming SLAM on 17.02.2018:

Jack Beresford, Sanja Hakala, Unni Pulliainen: “Let’s talk about ants”
(UH; Evolutionary Biology)

Arvydas Dapkunas: “Building artificial kidneys”
(UH; Developmental Biology)

Lisa Erdman: “Pharmaceuticals for the 21st Century”
(Aalto; Satire, Public performance art inventions, Medicalization, Ethics)

Chiara Facciotto: “Teaching cancer cells how to die”
(UH; Cancer Epigenetics, Bioinformatics)

Lauri Haapanen: ”How Do Media Work?”
(UH; Media Linguistics, Applied Linguistics)

David Weir: “Listening to the sound of the early universe with gravitational waves”
(UH; Gravitational waves, particle physics)

Bar opens at 19:00

Slam starts at 20:00

At Gloria, Pieniroobertinkatu 12

Tickets. 5€