Come and cheer your favorite performance to victory of the 8th ScienceSLAM Helsinki!

…And Ladies and Gentlemen the performers for the 8th ScienceSLAM Helsinki have been selected!!

If you are curious, for example, how is it possible to use algorithms and stand-up comedy to understand cancer, what is the similarity between microglial cells and cleaning ladies, or how photography has turned from chemistry into mathematics, come and join us on Friday the 6th of November, 19:00-> in Elmun baari (

This time we’ll have seven courageous researchers hopping on the stage of the ScienceSLAM Helsinki:

Lea Urpa (Neurogenomics of psychiatric disorders) – How do you ask a mouse how it’s feeling?”

Milla-Mari Vastavuo & Petra Tuomiranta (Synthetic biology) – How to conquer the world with the power of propane?”

Samuli Siltanen (Mathematics) – How to defuse a photobomb”

Sergio Castrillón (Musicology) – New directions in the cello timbre: Referential works for solo cello and cello with electronic media during the 20th and 21th century”

Rainer Lehtonen (Cancer Bioinformatics) – Cancerous world with zeros and ones”

Sonja Paetau (Neuroscience) – Elsa the cleaning lady shows her true colours. The story of the brain cell you didn’t even know existed”