Join the ScienceSLAM team!

Science Slam team is looking for students with skills in graphical design and film making, or photography, people that like to organize events and take initiative. There is no upper limit for the number of people joining the organizing team, all participants are volunteers.

Why join ScienceSLAM Helsinki team? Because of the fun experience and active and merry team who has experience organizing this and other science related events, because you care about making science accessible, or simply because you want to join us for beers and brainstorm together. Science Slam is an alternative event making science open, fun and most of all, accessible. It is a world-wide event that’s already well-established and has its own reputation. We give researchers the opportunity to take science outside of the university, and everyone interested in science the chance to learn about the latest discoveries. Join our team for the experience of making ScienceSLAM Helsinki bigger and better, get your name out there and a fun experience organizing the event with us!

If you got interested, contact the team by September 4th by sending an email to