ScienceSLAM Helsinki and the Technology Academy Finland invite to the 5th ScienceSLAM Helsinki, 13.6.2012

Computers with humor? Dancing biologists? The hidden music of enzymes? A rather different approach to science will be showcased on Wednesday, 13.6.2012, 18:00-21:00, during the ”Science hits the town” programme of the Millenium Technology Prize ceremony in the Pavilion for the World Design Capital Helsinki 2012, Ullanlinnakatu 2-4, Helsinki. At the 5th ScienceSLAM Helsinki, five young researchers will enter the stage and take the audience on a fascinating tour through cutting-edge science – with quite unconventional methods…

At the 5th ScienceSLAM Helsinki, these five performances will compete for the audience’s applause:

Alessandro Valitutti (Computer Science): „Computational Humor“

Anmol Kumar (Neuroscience): „Dancing of brain through body“

Toma Susi (Materials Science): „The story of an article“

Chiara Gasparetti (Biochemistry): „Music notes of enzymology“

Anna-Maria Lahesmaa-Korpinen (Systems biology): „The choreography of the cancer proteome“

If you are curious to discover what is happening behind the closed doors of our local laboratories and institutes, join ScienceSLAM for an intriguing event between science and entertainment!

The 5th ScienceSLAM Helsinki is organized in collaboration with the Technology Acadamy Finland and part of the World Design Capital Helsinki 2012 Pavilion programme. The event is free of charge.