ScienceSLAM goes MoA 12

We are proud to announce the collaboration between ScienceSLAM and Aalto University for „MoA Slam 2012“, an event to promote fun and creativity in science! MoA Slam 2012 will be held on May 16th 2012 as part of this Spring’s “Masters of Aalto 2012” (MoA 12)a one month festival (9.5.-3.6.2012) where recent graduates of Aalto University will present their works from the fields of art, technology and business with a wide variety of public events. For the purpose of the festival, an over 100-year old disused port warehouse in Jätkäsaari, Helsinki, will be turned into a vibrant exhibition space hosting seminars, film screenings, parties and workshops. A fantastic venue for MoA Slam!

At MoA Slam, 6 selected Aalto graduates will get the chance to enter the race for the “MoA Slam 2012” award!  The rules of the competition are simple. Each competitor has maximum 10 minutes to present his/her research topic and fascinate, inspire, move or entertain the audience—and win their votes. All selected competitors will get the chance to participate in a one-day training session before the event to work on their stage skills and polish their performances. The lucky winner of the “MoA Slam 2012” award will be rewarded with a prize money of 500€.

We are now looking for 6 performers for MoA Slam 2012! If you want to participate in the event with your performance, please send your application to: Deadline for applications for MoA Slam 2012 is 13.4.2012. More information on the event and how to apply can be found here.