Program confirmed, ticket sales are running: Welcome to the 4th ScienceSLAM Helsinki on 27.3.2012!

The application time for presentations at the 4th ScienceSLAM Helsinki is over and we received a record number of great applications. Choosing 6 surely wasn’t an easy task. What we ended up with is a selection that will take you on a magic carpet ride through the fascinating world of science – from the exciting story of Finland’s first student-run space satellite mission, to the relationship drama of a virus and its host cell, from a scientific exploration of our „gut feeling“, to renewable energy in a birds-view.

At the 4th ScienceSLAM Helsinki, these six performances will compete for your applause:

– Lauri Jarvilehto: „Using your intuition“ (philosophy)

– Laurila Pekka, Jaan Praks: „Aalto-1 – How to design and build a satellite“ (space technology)

– Veikka Pirhonen: „eSINi“ (renewable energy, business)

– Patrick Göttner: „Fine feathers make fine birds“ (economics / social science)

– Roxana Ola, Kilian Guse: „Desperate Housewives: How viruses trick their host cells“ (virology)

– Igor Radun: „Driver fatigue“ (traffic psychology)

The 4th ScienceSLAM Helsinki will take place on 27.3.2012 at Korjaamo’s beautiful Vaunusali, which features a wonderful stage for the performances and comfy auditorium with great view and space enough for everyone – promised 😉

Below, the time schedule:

19:00             Doors open

20-22:00       Showtime

22:00- …       Afterparty

Before and after the show, we are looking forward to some true audio pleasures from Miss MJ’s musical compendium. She finds that black holes are pretty much everywhere (especially in modern pop music) and impressed the organizers with her detailed knowledge on the scientific connections of seasoned rock stars (…did you know that Mark Oliver Everett, the lead singer of the Eels, is the son of one of the most famous physicists of the 20th century?). Smiles guaranteed.

So, everything in place for – what is safe to promise will be – an evening to remember!

Pre-sale of the tickets is available for 6e through Secure your ticket now! Remaining tickets will be sold at the door on the day of the event.

Looking forward to seeing you at the 4th ScienceSLAM Helsinki!

Your ScienceSLAM Helsinki team