And the golden microphone goes to

Jelena Telenius, from Aalto University, was the favorite of the audience at the 2nd ScienceSLAM Helsinki on 22nd of June 2011 with her animated love story of a photon and electron hidden behind the reason for the yellow color of indian curry. Congratulations, Jelena!


Inside the sold out Nosturi Alakerta, in total 6 presenters were competing for the votes of the audience, who could experience some really extra-ordinary performances.

The list of performers at the 2nd ScienceSLAM Helsinki was:

– André Schumacher, “Distributed Algorithm for Spanning Trees (a human experiment)”

– Eino Partanen, “Dancing – from personality and perception to rehabilitation”

– Hanna Ollila, “Awake nightmare”

– Jarno M. Koponen, “Futureful – A Predictive Discovery Engine”

– Jelena Telenius, “Why does indian curry look yellow?”

– Kumaripaba Athukorala, “AudioImger – Simplest Video Creation”

Thanks again to all the presenters for the great show, and to the audience for their enthusiastic support. It has been a wonderful evening!