Hidden in the dark corners of their dusty study rooms and laboratories they are slogging away day and night to solve the mysteries of the world for us. Fearlessly facing the abyss of the unknown, exploring new exciting territories. Now their time has come, to unveil themselves and fight for your applause! Scientists, the unknown species.

In ScienceSLAM, each participant has 10 minutes to present their research topic to the audience and win its support. The way of presentation is free and can range from a more ‘traditional’ talk to a dance choreography or a self composed song. Only one rule applies to all – no dust, no idioms, no heavy headed labtalk will win the hearts of the audience! And they are the ones to vote the hero of the night, the winner of ScienceSLAM!

After the first science slam was held about two years ago, this new type of popular science event has rapidly gathered many fans and spread around quickly. The team of ScienceSLAM Helsinki is now taking this concept to Finland’s capital region and beyond!

We are looking forward to welcoming you to one of our next events, either in the curious audience or as one of our lucky participants. Stay tuned for the latest information on dates and venues!